A home with a sprinkler…PLUS before and afters!

We’ve found and bought a new house! It’s just down the road in Cabarita, it has a backyard with grass, a guest room, a room each for the girls, a bath in the main bathroom, and a double lock up garage attached to the house. Yippee! We are very excited.

Our new house on Strathroy Close, Cabarita. This is where I'll be putting my new sprinkler :)

Our new house on Strathroy Close, Cabarita. This is where I’ll be putting my new sprinkler :) (Real Estate agent’s photo complete with colour enhanced wood chips).

I’ve already been to buy a good old fashioned sprinkler (a classic orange pyramid shaped base with three chrome spinning arms) and pick up some paint colour swatches, and Matt now has a PHD in deck design following extensive research into the Building Code, Australian Standards and having read EVERYTHING there is to read on the internet about decks. The house itself is very liveable, has everything that we need (and more!), but we can’t help dreaming about all the projects we can take on to make it even more homely. Planting a herb garden is top of my list, and buying half of Bunnings is top of Matt’s list.

We found out on a Sunday night in late November that the house was going to be ours, so we made a quick call to our Real Estate agent and told her that with Christmas fast approaching, and with only a 10 week settlement on our new house, we’d need to sell our Breakfast Point apartment quick smart. Could she have photographers there Wednesday afternoon? Yes. It was at that point that my life turned into a home make-over reality show mash up of House Rules and The Block with a ticking clock.

On Monday morning, this is what our place looked like (possibly the worst it’s looked ever).

By Wednesday I’d lost at least a kilo cleaning, running around visiting nurseries and florists and buying outdoor chairs, the obligatory ‘fancy’ bathroom products and fresh towels, cleaning some more, piling up clutter for Matt to take to the garage (in between him putting coats of oil on our weathered deck), and cleaning some more.

Our Breakfast Point apartment wasn’t really designed for a young family of four, but by Wednesday at 1pm when the photographers knocked on my door, our place was looking slick again and ready for the Professionals and Empty Nester buyers. This is how our place scrubbed up. Ta daaaa!


I’m guessing that the 2.5 days of make-over madness was worth the effort because within four days the eventual buyers had made an offer (..if only they’d continued at that cracking pace!) and after three weekends of Open Houses and four private viewings, our apartment was officially sold and we could relax.

Settlement is 6th of February and we can’t wait.

A special shout out to my very clever fella for navigating the way though the complexities of mortgages, solicitors, contracts, tricky Real Estate agents, slow poke buyers, and all the while keeping his cool.

Click here to see the new place in Cabarita. More of our Breakfast Point place can be found here, and if you still want more (including some pictures of the girls room) you can click here and you’ll be taken to my sisters rather lovely blog.

Six months old already



Matilda is six months old now. Far out, time flies. She’s a giggly little thing and this week she said her first word…. “Mum, Mum, Mum”. I’m putting a capital M on that and claiming it!

She’s enjoying eating food and sitting up in the high chair. On the menu is pumpkin, apple, pear, banana, yoghurt, carrot, and rusks. She’s rolling over and doing 360’s, she’s responding to her name and is loving spending time with Charlotte. They giggle over lions roars, dropping bean bags on the floor, and bouncing balloons on their heads.

Still no teeth, and still no tantrums ;)




Help Taming Little Miss Three…

My three year old is driving me up the wall with her wobblies. I won’t mention her name in order to protect her privacy, but I need your help, I need your advice…and I need a bottle of wine.

Little Miss Three is chucking some pretty major tantrums over the most ridiculous things. Here are some scenarios…

1. “Mummy I’m hungry”. Would you like a banana? “Yes please.” Happily watches me peel the banana and offer it to her. Major tantrum ensues…”Waaa, waaaa (stamps feet, wildly swings arms, whacks me) I wanted to do it, I wanted to take the peel off!” Continues like this for 15 minutes. I put the peeled banana back in the bowl.

2. I pick up Little Miss Three from Child care. She’s playing in the sandpit barefoot. Happily greets me and wants to show everyone Matilda, then races off to get bag and shoes. Won’t put shoes on. Wants daddy to do it. Wants teachers to do it. Throws even bigger wobbily if I try to do it. After ten minutes of this, with noone coming to my rescue, I march her out to the car barefoot, screaming, yelling (my screams and yells are on the inside). Won’t get in car. All of Concord must think I torture my child.

3. Can I help you with the washing Mummy? Yes. We begin to fold the washing like we do every time. “That’s not how you do it Mummy”. Grabs all of the washing and throws it on the floor. Screaming. Throws herself on top of the washing putting screaming snot all over freshly washed towels. She screams “Go away Mummy, I don’t love you, You are not my best friend”. Continues like this for 15 minutes.

4. No food at home. So following her sports class we walk to the Breakfast Point shops for a quick lunch. It’s 34 degrees hot. I pick a table in the shade. She wants the one in the sun. I explain that we need to be in the shade. She storms off down the road. Yes screaming. I pick up my things and head after her (she’s now about 100 mts away). I march her home and we eat one wholemeal crust.

This is just a small selection of tantrums over the past 24 hours. She also throws tantrums over who puts her in the bath, choosing socks, who unbuckles her from her car seat etc. etc.

Other points of note:

–  Isn’t consistently having her afternoon sleeps any more

–  Is well behaved for everyone else (although Daddy does cop it too)

–  When she calms down says I was very naughty for Mummy. I won’t do it again. I love you Daddy, etc. Then throws another wobbly 10 minutes later.

– Could happen anywhere between one and four or five times a day. Today, we are up to four, and it’s only just gone 2pm.

– The naughty (noise polluted) corner has been frequently visited lately, it’s behind our front door, and I’m certain property prices in our block have plummeted in recent weeks as a result.

Tiredness is definitely a factor, but I don’t think it’s the only one. She’s still happy at child care. She has plenty of lovely things to do at home. Loves mucking around with Matilda.

Don’t really want to give in to her and reinforce her thinking that tantrums work. But also don’t want to fight over everything. Exhausting!

Advice, tips welcome!

So there you go, a blog that shatters the rosy picture I’ve been painting on this blog of parenthood. I’d better post another happy blog to compensate ;)




Hello Snowman

First trip to the snow

First trip to the snow

One of the highlights from our latest trip to Mount Beauty, in August this year, was taking Charlotte to the snow for the very first time. She built a snowman (and wanted to take him home with us), she threw snowballs and managed to keep her gloves. Clearly she’s destined to be a snow bunny…and ski lessons with Matt next year!

It took quite some logistical planning. Thank you to Igor and Johanne for allowing Pa to drive your four wheel drive up Mount Emu, thank you to Amelie for the hand-me-down snow gear which Charlotte loved, thank you Grannie for minding Matilda while we made a quick trip up the hill, thank you Matt for the beautiful photos, thank you Pa for the exceptional Snowman styling tips (the hair was to die for!).

Charlotte’s holiday to the farm

By Charlotte, June 2014

(Yes, I’m still playing catch up!)

Charlotte went on a holiday to Grannie and Pa’s farm in Mount Beauty. She helped Pa feed the chooks and she put fresh hay in their nests. She collected the eggs every morning.

Charlotte and Pa walked to the creek. On the way, they saw where a wombat lives. They stood in the creek in their gumboots. It was fun.

Pa has seven black cows and one small brown calf called Roy. Charlotte picked carrots from Pa’s vegie garden to feed the cows.


There is a big old blue tractor at Grannie and Pa’s farm. I sat on the tractor. Grannie helped me to make some play dough. There is so much to do at the farm.



5 months on…

Matilda at nearly four months

Matilda at nearly four months

What do I know about Matilda now? Well she’s a smiley little one, she’s relaxed, sociable and she’s a chatterbox. She loves sitting up with everyone and looking around. She still looks a lot like Charlotte, same blue eyes and similar colouring. Her eyes are rounder and her cheeks are chubbier.

She spends a lot of her day kicking her legs, waving her arms around, whacking the toys hanging from the play gym and watching her big sister. She sucks on her hands, occasionally makes herself dry reach when her fingers go too far. She’s a happy chucker but is slowly growing out of that.

She’s a good sleeper, she was sleeping from 10.30pm-ish til 5am-ish once she got to about 8 or 10 weeks, but now she’s going to bed earlier she’s waking up for a top up feed around 3am. I prefer the latter because we don’t have to listen to newborn grizzles in the few hours before she settles in for her night sleep any more.

Charlotte absolutely loves her to pieces “Don’t worry little darling, Charlotte’s here”, “I’m coming little darling”. She loves giving her kisses and singing her Twinkle Twinkle when Matilda’s upset.

Before Matilda was born, we did wonder how Charlotte would go sharing the attention with her little sister when one day we noticed a page torn in one of her books. “How did that I happen?” I asked. “Baby sister did it” said Charlotte. Thankfully, so far we haven’t seen any signs of jealousy (only one “I’m prettier than Matilda” so far), but we have seen some protectiveness. The first day I picked Charlotte up from Child care the other kids came rushing over to see Charlotte’s new little sister. Charlotte put out her elbows to create a barrier and said “She’s mine”. I had to smile.

At four months the girls started sharing a room and that seems to be going ok. And at five months they are really starting to develop their own little connection. With Matilda grabbing at Charlotte and watching her every move and having giggles together. Lovely.

With two kids now I might not have had time to get my camera out, but my phone is never too far away so here’s a little collection of happy snaps taken with my phone along the way.


Hello Matilda Rose Eva Rex

20140420-MRR_0132Matilda Rose Eva Rex was born at Prince of Wales Private on Saturday 19 April 2014 at 9.36pm. 3.978kgs, 54cm long and 37cm head circumference. A lovely Easter Saturday arrival.

She looks a lot like her big sister Charlotte, and we love her to bits.

I know this is belated introduction to our baby girl. Life is busy with two little girls, I’ve got some catching up to do. And a new blog name to come up with.

Pa has created a Monster

Pa and Grannie were in Sydney to keep an eye on the Evans-Rex girls last week, while Rexy was in Melbourne for work.

We were looked after like queens. All the washing and ironing I’d been putting off was done, dinner was cooked, Charlotte was entertained and was delivered to and from childcare. And I got to put my feet up.

During their stay, Pa and his very imaginative mind ‘read’ stories from a completely blank, page scrap book. Charlotte was mesmerised.

Tonight she brought the blank-paged scrap book to me to read before bed time. So I did my best and conjured up a story about a little girl called Charlotte who liked to collect eggs and listen to the kookaburras in the trees. But it was not good enough. I apparently missed a page (huh??) and a 20 minute tantrum ensued.

Pa, I think the book will now go missing until you next appear in Sydney!


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